Scalamobil S30 portable wheelchair stair lift

Scalamobil S30 portable wheelchair stair lift


Scalamobil S30 wheelchair stair lift

“The World’s Most Compact Wheelchair Stair-Climbing Machine”

The ALBER Scalamobil S30 is a battery-powered portable stair-climbing lift for manual wheelchair users. It’s simple to operate, enabling someone to help manual wheelchair users remain in their chair & safely navigate up-and-down stairways with up to 8” tall steps. The Scalamobil provides an affordable alternative to expensive remodeling or elevators. It’s compact & portable, small enough to easily fit in a car trunk for traveling and finally be able to access a variety of previously inaccessible places. New models retail for over $9,000.

I myself previously used a Scalamobil daily in order to access my 2nd floor office for over two years. It provided a much more affordable alternative to a $40,000 elevator or an unsightly handicapped staircase seat lift.

Model: Scalamobil S30
Serial Number: 0030576

Condition: Excellent, in full working order. It includes a new battery pack, the battery charger & the user manual.

*OPTIONAL SCALA-BRACKETS: To attach directly the the Scalamobil base, manual wheelchairs need to be equipped with Scala-brackets on the rear of the user’s wheelchair frame in order to safely secure it to the lift’s base. Brackets are sold separately for $199 upon request.

*OPTIONAL SCALA-CHAIR X3: A ScalaChair is a good, compact alternative to a manual wheelchair when maneuvering through small rooms or narrow staircases. The chair connects directly to the lift’s base & then easily detaches for use as a indoor push chair. I’s locking casters also provide a secure footing when transferring to & from a wheelchair. It can be added upon request for $395.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to email or call us at 336-501-8179 with any questions.

Do You Need Any Custom Modifications to Better Fit Your Specific Needs?
At ableTrader, we have both the extra parts/accessories & expertise to customize most any of our chairs to better fit your individual needs & preferences. So if you need any specific modifications like: seat adjustments, support accessories, wheel sizes, etc. just let us know.

Model Info from the Manufacturer
About the Scalamobil Stair Lift – Access your world with the Scalamobil portable wheelchair stair lift… Transporting a person up and down the stairs is safe and easy. The Scalamobil adapts to most manual adult and child wheelchairs. The Scalamobil has provided 25 years of safe stairway access, it reliably masters steps effortlessly. It climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge, supports loads up to 250 lbs., tackles narrow & spiral staircases and small landings. Stairs are not subject to damage or wear, thanks to the intelligent climbing system. Operates on a variety of surfaces, indoor & outdoor. No installation required, it operates at multiple stair locations like the Garaventa Stair Trac. Automatic brakes for maximum safety, with patented safety sensors. Can be fitted to most adult & child manual wheelchairs.

used scalamobil wheelchair stair climbing for sale
used scalamobil wheelchair stair climbing for sale

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