LifeStand LSA Helium standing wheelchair

LifeStand LSA Helium standing wheelchair


Compact, lightweight adjustable frame — Power-assist standing feature

LifeStand LSA Helium standing wheelchair for sale


Now available is a LifeStand LSA Helium… the ultimate stander for active, sporty people. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum & titanium, it’s the world’s most advanced standing wheelchair. The adjustable seat design & standing system allow for a customized, tailored fit, contoured to users’ specific build. Standing is accomplished all in one smooth motion by pushing up on the side Arm Levers, this activates gas cylinders which assist users with added power to stand-up with ease.

Regaining the ability to independently stand-up anytime/anywhere gives us back a unique freedom & a broader range of accessibility. Simply being able to once again interact with others eye-to-eye is an elating feeling… it’s tough to put into words. Routine standing also offers a number of health benefits, including: increased bone density, improved circulation & digestion, reduced spasticity, and pressure sore relief/prevention. It features:

Seat Size: 14.5” wide, 17″ deep (seat depth is adjustable from 15″ up to 22″)
Serial Number: 80282

Condition: Used, in full working order. As pictured, some light wear/scratches from previous use.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to email or call us at 336-501-8179 with any questions.

Do You Need Any Custom Modifications to Better Fit Your Specific Needs?
At ableTrader, we have both the extra parts/accessories & expertise to customize most any of our chairs to better fit your individual needs & preferences. So if you need any specific modifications like: seat adjustments, support accessories, wheel sizes, etc. just let us know.

Model Info from the Manufacturer

About the LifeStand LSA Helium standing wheelchair – The world’s finest & lightest stander, the Helium LSA is made for active, sporty people for use indoors and out. The seat and backrest can be adjusted to the user’s weight & height for a perfect fit! Sleek & streamlined, the LSA Helium design emphasizes lightness and functionality. Every element of it’s design will catch your eye. Brilliantly engineered, constructed of ultralight aircraft-grade aluminum & titanium, the Helium provides an ergonomically-friendly standing experience, one that safely puts you eye-to-eye among your friends & family with ease. It features:

Simple, Smooth Standing Function – To stand-up the user grasps the side handles and pushes forward. This movement is assisted by gas struts which can be adjusted to perfectly match the users weight to stand with amazing ease! Thanks to dual-component knee pads and an adjustable chest belt, the standing position is comfortable, anatomically correct and incredibly stable. The simple lever locking system prevents any involuntary standing during transfers. and while standing provides great freedom of movement in complete safety.

Adjustable Frame Design for a Custom Fit – To optimize positioning, it offers multiple customizable adjustments to fit each users unique height & build, including: seat depth, backrest angle, footrest height and angles. Adjustable rear wheel positioning can adapt the chair’s center-of-gravity to your preference. Multiple precise body positioning adjustments allow for your ideal alignment of your hips, knees and ankles.

Compact for Easy Transport – The backrest folds down, the knee support is removable, quick-release wheels dismantle easily.. the chair’s heaviest element is 30 lbs.

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